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Running a business in Adelaide Everything you need

Running a business in Adelaide? Everything you need to know about SEO

What is SEO? How it works?

Seo | Dgreat solutions

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization”. It is defined as the science of improving site visibility when people search around for a business service or products in the common search engines like Google, Safari, Bing, etc. Better visibility means higher ranking in the search results which in return means better chances of attracting customers and prospects to the business.
The key difference between SEO and paid advertising being it involves “organic” ranking, i.e., the results aren’t influenced by paid advertising. It works by optimizing results based on the content and you can’t pay to be on top of the result. It requires lots of work from SEO specialists like keyword research, optimizing content, optimising page title, meta description and many more.

How to do SEO for small business?

seo for samll business

Small Businesses have their own set of problems and challenges as they are competing against a lot of other small businesses along with big publishers and brands. Moreover, they do not have a dedicated team of SEO and budget unlike the larger rivals.

A few points to consider while doing SEO for small businesses:

• Spot the main services and problems you solve for customers by determining the need when, where and how they need it.
• Fix the technical issues around the website and make sure there are no problems like speed, user interface, broken links, and duplicate contents around so the search engine can work well, crawl and find the information when and if required.
• Optimise pages, meta description, body content, internal links.
• Do competitor analysis and perform better than them
• Polish the content on the page so the main keywords are the area of focus on the webpages of the website
• Get cited and linked to few local relevant places on the web
• Bank Links from the business you are linked to
• Start posting blogs focusing on main keywords but make sure when you write they look very natural.

How to improve the SEO?

• SEO helps find the most relevant information matching the users search term. Try ranking better by understanding the customers search and improvising the SEO as required.
• Understand your customers: Try understanding their search pattens and interpreting the keywords which they might search for if they want a service or product from us.
• Use popular keywords: As you understand the keywords that would be highly relevant to our business or terms, they would use in case they need service. Try inputting them in blogs, pages, meta description, image etc.
• Keep refreshing the content by adding in more blogs, customer reviews, any additional services, or products you might be selling
• Try using meta tags in your website page coding
• Stay up to date with latest SEO technologies- search engine technique, new keywords lookout)
• Try getting citation and backlinks from highly ranked websites.

How to make my website SEO friendly?

Running a business in Adelaide? Everything you need to know about SEO

SEO friendly website have few sets of capabilities which is technically sound, user friendly and search focused. The website needs to be well structured to make sure that search engines can spot you, crawl and find the relevant information on your website.
The few things that really matter are:
• Setting up a google search console to track the websites organic performance by checking for speed, website errors and keywords we can rank for.
• Setting up Ahrefs Webmaster Tool, a tool to improvise the organic search traffic and website’s SEO performance as it monitors website and issues report with SEO issues on the website.
• Creating and submitting a sitemap – to search date and content efficiently.
• Create a robots. Txt file to inform the search engine which part of website to crawl and not crawl.
• Website is both mobile and desktop friendly
• The interface is user friendly, and the website loads fast.
• The website should be HTTP which defines it as secure, and you need to buy an SSL certificate for it.
• Choose right keywords to attract and rank for in the search traffic potential
• Try matching the intent and spot on the right keywords which a user may find for
• Try to rank for keywords with less keyword difficulty (spot them using SEMRUSH)
• Try getting backlinks along from unique domains
• Keep your content exciting, interesting, up to date and useful.

How much do I pay for SEO service?

Running a business in Adelaide? Everything you need to know about SEO

The cost of the SEO in Australia ranges from $2500 AUD to $10k per month based on the needs and the project budget and scope. SEO is not a one-off investment there is a continuous need to keep working. A SEO specialist has a lot of areas that it must keep looking at: Keyword research, competitor research, website Audit, suggestions for Technical SEO, Link building and many more needed around the place. SEO is an investment that will benefit you over years and it adds value and needs to be continuously worked upon. As its said, Cheap SEO is cheap for a reason and cleaning up that mess sometimes cost more, so always find a dedicated SEO specialist to help you.

SEO if done well by reputable SEO agency or marketing agency with SEO specialist will help build up slow and steady. We at DGS Marketing have dedicate SEO Specialist to help the business with all the needs. We cater to different businesses from small, medium to large business, new companies to already existing. Please contact us at 1300 955 184.

How to find blog topics for SEO?

Blogging is amazing for SEO, but it also must be something interesting and useful with high relevancy and should coincide to what consumers or customers want. The tips to finding blog post ideas are:

• Take down the questions the customers ask: Remember you need to provide the information in a selective way wherein you must still make sure the company’s business tacts stay under cover.
• Ideas from Sales Team: As the sales team directly interacts with the consumers and customers and come across a lot of topics that are not available on the website and you could write details on it. Moreover, also you can uncover some of the wishes from the sales team as they feel some details could be added that reduces their sales conversion time.
• Keep doing competitor analysis as it gives you an idea of what is happening in the market
• Try maintaining an idea file as sometimes in a meeting many of the team members may address their prompts and opinions. Keep hold of them and use them later.
• Read contents from other blogs or newsletters and use the topic and write even better.
• Ask opinion and feedbacks to the audience and serve them with their needs.
• Sometimes the best topics are the stories of others use share a story, Behind the scenes and tag the users and use that opportunity to create fresh content which is highly engaging and even interesting.

We at DGreatSolutions provide solutions to all the marketing problems. You can reach us at 1300 955 184.