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Social Media Marketing

Helping Adelaide businesses build reputable brands

Social media marketing is one of the most effective ways for businesses of all sizes to reach their prospective clients and follow up with existing clients. There’s arguably any doubt that your customers are being enticed by your competitors on social media platforms and if you are not there defending the land, then you stand a high chance of pawning your clients to competitors. Excellent marketing strategy on social platforms can help establish a successful remarketing campaign for your business. Its very difficult to go wrong with marketing your brand name on social media platform when it is done the right way. Implementing a successful social media campaign strategy is the bed rock for a strong brand awareness creation.


The most powerful social media platform today is FaceBook. As at June 2017, FaceBook now has a whooping over 2 billion active users monthly( click here to read more on FaceBook statistics). This platform is a formidable force for building a strong brand name for any businesses today. We generally advice businesses looking into social media marketing to have a good budget for FaceBook as it has the potential of turning over tremendous amount of ROI. FaceBook has the capacity of making any of your post go viral. By using the right techniques and creating unique and compelling content with creative images, your post stand a high chance of capturing the attention of billions of people.


Having a twitter account have its advantages. Even though the social platform have an active user of about 319 million as at 2016 (please see here), using it the right way could be highly effective. With good strategy, twitter can drive enormous amount of targeted traffic to your website. With great advertisement targeted towards your audience, you can be sure of some good ROI. Not to mention the fact that Google’s ranking factor includes have signals from all these social media platforms.


LinkedIn is a social networking platform. The platform was developed to operate as a business and employment networking website that assist employers to locate their rightful employees. Even though LinkedIn is limited to businesses and people looking for jobs, the platform’s active user as at April 2017 is over 500 million(please click here to see LinkedIn statistics). This makes it a great networking tools for service oriented businesses to get a direct access to other businesses who may be looking for their services or partnership.