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brand awareness using social media

7 ways to increase brand awareness using social media

Australians are spending almost 6 hours a day on the internet, with almost two hours spent on social media. As marketers and business owners, it’s important to take this into account and adapt your business accordingly. Utilise social media and invest time into developing the perfect strategy which will target your ideal audience. Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tik Tok, Snapchat or Pinterest, there is great marketing potential in every social media platform. If your aim is to develop your business and boost your brand awareness, the best possible way you can do this is by using social media. Interested to know how? Read our 7 ways to increase brand awareness using social media.

1. Research your target audience

This is the most crucial step in any marketing strategy and an area which you must invest enough time into, is to define your audience. Without a target audience, you are investing time and money into marketing which might not be beneficial for your business. Think about who your ideal clientele would be and write down as many characteristics as you can which they would fall into. Whether it be age, gender, occupation, interests etc, having a defined target audience will help you when you create content and determine who views it.

7 ways to increase brand awareness using social media

2. Create appealing visual content

7 ways to increase brand awareness using social media, SEO Strategies

By creating appealing, visual content for your audience, you will be able to keep them engaged and interacting with your profiles. Think back to your target audience and think about the types of content they would like to see. Get creative and plan your content ahead so you have time to create quality posts. Content ideas may include video tutorials, infographics, before and after photos, team introduction posts, client/customer testimonials, etc. Creating engaging content frequently will build your reputation and attract more followers to your page.

3. Utilise influencers

Social media influencers are an ideal way to gain brand exposure and promote your business. Find influencers who reflect the target audience in your niche and use them to grow your business. Whether you pay a fee or provide free services/products exchange for a promotion, it’s quite a small price to pay for a significant amount of brand exposure. Always ensure to create an agreement with your influencer to ensure both parties obtain the best end result.

7 ways to increase brand awareness using social media

4. Aim to go viral

Some of the most successful businesses have made it to where they are as a result of a viral post. If you are able to create content which is viewed and shared by thousands, if not millions, across the globe, this is the ultimate goal for brand exposure. Of course it’s not easy for content to go viral, otherwise everyone would be doing it. Start small and share your content across various social platforms, encourage your family and friends to share and try submitting to other credible websites. Remember to try to create content which is unique!

5. Make use of hashtags & location tags

Hashtags and location tags are another great way of spreading brand awareness. Use hashtags and location tags which are relevant to the content you are sharing and your target audience. Utilise a combination of hashtags with both high and low followings. This will provide you with a greater chance of ending up in explore pages and having more people see your brand. If you are a global business, mix up your location tags to gain exposure in different cities throughout the world.

6. Interact on your social accounts

Sometimes business owners focus so much time on other aspects of their work and tend to neglect one of the most important factors of social media, BEING SOCIAL. You must spend time interacting with your followers, commenting back to posts, responding to enquiries, and showing support to those who support you. This builds your online presence and will guarantee greater brand exposure.

7. Run competitions/giveaways

A great way to create brand awareness fast is to run competitions or giveaways for your followers. This is a great way to encourage your followers to share your content, tag their friends in your posts and boost your brand awareness. Start a competition and watch your following grow significantly!

One of the core fundamentals of any marketing strategy is to create brand awareness. Once people learn about your brand, they will learn to invest their trust in it and will be more willing to use your products or services. Social media is predominantly one of the best ways for any business to promote their brand and reach their target audience.