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Online Advertising & SEO: Its Influence on Online Advertising Success.

Online Advertising & SEO

Cementing itself as the backbone of every successful online advertising strategy, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has emerged as a driving force in the digital world. Governed intimately by complex algorithms and precise keywords, a comprehensive understanding and efficient utilisation of SEO can result in a dramatic shift in the visibility graph and outreach of any online campaign. SEO essentially involves optimising online content, making it a favourable candidate for being chosen as a top result for searches involving certain keywords. This is more nuanced than merely riddling content with relevant terms. For potent SEO, the mix comprises content relevancy, shrewd site architecture, a solid link-building scheme, and enhancements meant to facilitate the user experience. The Vital Role of Keyword Research in SEO The importance of keyword research in SEO, as related to the success of online advertising, cannot be overstated. Recognising the phrases and words that potential customers utilise when searching for various products and services is key. Integrating these keywords into online content allows for customisation of advertising campaigns to ensure they connect with the right audience. Precision targeting like this trims down wastage of an ad budget and boosts the probability of conversion. The Interplay of SEO and Paid Search Ads There’s a clear interplay between SEO and online advertising, which extends to paid search ads too. A well-optimised website more likely attains lower costs-per-click in Google AdWords. This is a result of Google’s focus on relevancy. If your ad and landing page align snugly with the searcher’s intention, you will witness an increase in your Quality Score, paralleled with a drop in your cost per click. Content Quality: A Pillar of SEO Content quality stands as another pillar of SEO that directly impacts the efficiency of online advertising. High-quality, engaging content earns the favour of search engines and can lead to higher organic search rankings. Quality content caters to your audience, fostering a sense of trust and promoting brand authority. The Influence of Link Building Strategies Furthermore, link-building strategies contribute considerably to SEO and, by association, online advertising. When respected sources link back to your website, search engines appreciate this as a vote of confidence in your content, leading to a higher ranking. In terms of advertising, these top-ranking pages morph into high-value spaces for high-converting ad placements. SEO: Not Just About Being Found Importantly, SEO is not exclusively about being discovered; it also involves delivering an unmatched user experience. Websites must be easy to navigate and fast to load, particularly on mobile devices. Online advertising drives traffic, but without a stellar user experience, conversions will fall short, marking the ultimate success metric. Considering Social Signals The influence of social signals cannot be sidelined either. Although social media’s direct impact on SEO rankings is a contentious topic, it is undeniable that successful online advertising campaigns can increase visibility, indirectly boosting SEO performance by driving traffic. Overall, the influence of SEO on online advertising success is immense. It tailors traffic, encourages engagement, and leads to conversions. Marketers must peel away the layers of SEO complexity to fully harness its potential and realise the extensive benefits it offers for online advertising strategies. The time is now for businesses to dissect the mystery of SEO and integrate it as the cornerstone of their online triumph.

The Definitive Guide: Are SEO Adelaide Services worth it for Adelaide Businesses?

Poster of Are SEO Adelaide

In the bustling streets of Adelaide, where business endeavours weave into the fabric of daily life, the question often arises: Are SEO services worth the investment for Adelaide-based businesses? In a city that’s both vibrant and competitive, it’s crucial to dissect this query with a nuanced understanding of the local landscape. Understanding Adelaide’s Business Landscape Adelaide, despite its smaller population size, boasts a thriving business community across various industries. From hospitality and retail to tech startups and professional services, the city fosters a diverse array of enterprises, each vying for visibility and customer engagement. While Adelaide’s population may not match the scale of major cities, it’s essential to recognize the significance of local markets. In fact, the tight-knit nature of Adelaide’s business community can present unique opportunities for targeted marketing efforts, including SEO strategies tailored specifically to the local audience. Leveraging Local Search: The Power of SEO In a city where community connections matter, local search optimisation becomes paramount. SEO services tailored to Adelaide businesses can elevate their online presence within the local market. With strategic keyword targeting and location-based optimization, businesses can ensure they appear prominently in searches conducted by Adelaide residents and visitors alike. By focusing on local search optizmiation, Adelaide businesses can capitalize on the strong sense of community within the city. Whether it’s optimizing for “SEO Adelaide” or location-based keywords such as “Adelaide cafes” or “Adelaide plumbers,” SEO enables businesses to connect with their target audience on a hyper-local level, driving foot traffic and fostering customer loyalty. Navigating Competition While Adelaide may not rival Melbourne in sheer population numbers, it does contend with fierce competition within its niches. SEO services offer businesses a competitive edge by improving their search engine rankings and increasing organic traffic. By outperforming local competitors in search results, businesses can capture the attention of prospective customers and drive conversions. Moreover, SEO isn’t just about outranking competitors—it’s about understanding and adapting to the unique market dynamics of Adelaide. By conducting thorough competitor analysis and refining their SEO strategies accordingly, businesses can carve out their niche within the local market and stand out amidst the competition. Building Brand Authority and Trust: Establishing Expertise in SEO Adelaide In a close-knit community like Adelaide, trust and reputation play pivotal roles in consumer decision-making. Effective SEO strategies not only enhance visibility but also cultivate brand authority and trustworthiness. By consistently delivering valuable content, optimizing online reviews, and engaging with the local audience, businesses can solidify their position as industry leaders in Adelaide. Through content marketing initiatives, including blog posts, case studies, and informative guides optimized for “SEO Adelaide,” businesses can establish themselves as trusted sources of information within their respective industries. This not only enhances brand credibility but also fosters long-term relationships with customers, driving repeat business and referrals within the local community. Overcoming Perceived Barriers: Investing Wisely in SEO Adelaide Some Adelaide businesses may hesitate to invest in SEO services due to perceived barriers such as budget constraints or skepticism about the effectiveness of digital marketing in a smaller market. However, these concerns can be addressed through a tailored approach that aligns with the unique goals and resources of each business. First and foremost, it’s essential for businesses to recognize the long-term benefits of SEO investment. While the upfront costs may seem daunting, the potential return on investment—measured in terms of increased website traffic, higher conversion rates, and enhanced brand visibility—can far outweigh the initial expenditure. Moreover,  businesses can leverage the expertise of local SEO agencies that understand the intricacies of the city’s market landscape. By partnering with experienced professionals who specialize in “SEO Adelaide,” businesses can benefit from targeted strategies that yield tangible results, regardless of their size or industry. Seizing Opportunities with SEO In conclusion, SEO services are indeed worth the investment for Adelaide businesses, notwithstanding the city’s smaller population size. By embracing tailored SEO strategies that cater to the local market dynamics and integrating key phrases like “SEO Adelaide,” businesses can unlock a wealth of opportunities for growth, visibility, and community engagement. In the dynamic landscape of Adelaide’s business scene, embracing SEO isn’t just about keeping pace with the competition—it’s about seizing the opportunity to thrive and make a lasting impact within the local community. By understanding the unique nuances of the Adelaide market and leveraging the power of “SEO Adelaide” to connect with local audiences, businesses can chart a course towards sustained success in the digital age. Elevate Your Adelaide Business with SEO Now that you’ve gained insight into the value of SEO services for Adelaide businesses, it’s time to take action. Don’t let your competitors outrank you in local searches. Invest in tailored SEO strategies to enhance your online visibility, attract more customers, and establish your brand as a leader in the Adelaide market. Contact SEO Adelaide services, DGreat Solutions today or book now a free SEO consultation to explore how our SEO Adelaide experts can help you achieve your business goals. Let’s embark on a journey to unlock the full potential of your online presence and propel your Adelaide business to new heights of success.

Running a business in Adelaide? Everything you need to know about SEO

Running a business in Adelaide Everything you need

What is SEO? How it works? SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization”. It is defined as the science of improving site visibility when people search around for a business service or products in the common search engines like Google, Safari, Bing, etc. Better visibility means higher ranking in the search results which in return means better chances of attracting customers and prospects to the business.The key difference between SEO and paid advertising being it involves “organic” ranking, i.e., the results aren’t influenced by paid advertising. It works by optimizing results based on the content and you can’t pay to be on top of the result. It requires lots of work from SEO specialists like keyword research, optimizing content, optimising page title, meta description and many more. How to do SEO for small business? Small Businesses have their own set of problems and challenges as they are competing against a lot of other small businesses along with big publishers and brands. Moreover, they do not have a dedicated team of SEO and budget unlike the larger rivals. A few points to consider while doing SEO for small businesses: • Spot the main services and problems you solve for customers by determining the need when, where and how they need it.• Fix the technical issues around the website and make sure there are no problems like speed, user interface, broken links, and duplicate contents around so the search engine can work well, crawl and find the information when and if required.• Optimise pages, meta description, body content, internal links.• Do competitor analysis and perform better than them• Polish the content on the page so the main keywords are the area of focus on the webpages of the website• Get cited and linked to few local relevant places on the web• Bank Links from the business you are linked to• Start posting blogs focusing on main keywords but make sure when you write they look very natural. How to improve the SEO? • SEO helps find the most relevant information matching the users search term. Try ranking better by understanding the customers search and improvising the SEO as required.• Understand your customers: Try understanding their search pattens and interpreting the keywords which they might search for if they want a service or product from us.• Use popular keywords: As you understand the keywords that would be highly relevant to our business or terms, they would use in case they need service. Try inputting them in blogs, pages, meta description, image etc.• Keep refreshing the content by adding in more blogs, customer reviews, any additional services, or products you might be selling• Try using meta tags in your website page coding• Stay up to date with latest SEO technologies- search engine technique, new keywords lookout)• Try getting citation and backlinks from highly ranked websites. How to make my website SEO friendly? SEO friendly website have few sets of capabilities which is technically sound, user friendly and search focused. The website needs to be well structured to make sure that search engines can spot you, crawl and find the relevant information on your website.The few things that really matter are:• Setting up a google search console to track the websites organic performance by checking for speed, website errors and keywords we can rank for.• Setting up Ahrefs Webmaster Tool, a tool to improvise the organic search traffic and website’s SEO performance as it monitors website and issues report with SEO issues on the website.• Creating and submitting a sitemap – to search date and content efficiently.• Create a robots. Txt file to inform the search engine which part of website to crawl and not crawl.• Website is both mobile and desktop friendly• The interface is user friendly, and the website loads fast.• The website should be HTTP which defines it as secure, and you need to buy an SSL certificate for it.• Choose right keywords to attract and rank for in the search traffic potential• Try matching the intent and spot on the right keywords which a user may find for• Try to rank for keywords with less keyword difficulty (spot them using SEMRUSH)• Try getting backlinks along from unique domains• Keep your content exciting, interesting, up to date and useful. How much do I pay for SEO service? The cost of the SEO in Australia ranges from $2500 AUD to $10k per month based on the needs and the project budget and scope. SEO is not a one-off investment there is a continuous need to keep working. A SEO specialist has a lot of areas that it must keep looking at: Keyword research, competitor research, website Audit, suggestions for Technical SEO, Link building and many more needed around the place. SEO is an investment that will benefit you over years and it adds value and needs to be continuously worked upon. As its said, Cheap SEO is cheap for a reason and cleaning up that mess sometimes cost more, so always find a dedicated SEO specialist to help you. SEO if done well by reputable SEO agency or marketing agency with SEO specialist will help build up slow and steady. We at DGS Marketing have dedicate SEO Specialist to help the business with all the needs. We cater to different businesses from small, medium to large business, new companies to already existing. Please contact us at 1300 955 184. How to find blog topics for SEO? Blogging is amazing for SEO, but it also must be something interesting and useful with high relevancy and should coincide to what consumers or customers want. The tips to finding blog post ideas are: • Take down the questions the customers ask: Remember you need to provide the information in a selective way wherein you must still make sure the company’s business tacts stay under cover.• Ideas from Sales Team: As the sales team directly interacts with the consumers and customers and come across a lot of topics that are not available on the website and you could write details on

Utilising Link Building and Content Marketing in SEO

SEO specialists link building

Link building and content marketing are two strategies that fit hand-in-hand in terms of SEO tactics and that have been proven to be strong actions that contribute to the success of a website. Strong links generate a vast quantity of traffic directly to your website and are a huge priority in terms of SEO tactics, then paired with strong content marketing distributed on the website, your website rankings will sky rocket. SEO specialists in Adelaide use these strategies to increase traffic, website conversions and build optimal rankings. But how does it work and what is the process? Let us explain. Understanding Your Target Audiences Needs To serve your audience, you have to know what they want. Understanding what your customer is looking for when they click on your website is the first step to a successful site. Identifying a customer’s journey and displaying that in the layout and On-page SEO will already provide your audience with a better customer experience. Potential customers want to know what to consider before they choose your business. Providing information on your brand, reviews and case studies helps the customer narrow down their options and make you a top consideration. Specialists steer clear of irrelevant topics and information that could potentially result in customers having more questions, concerns or cause a decrease of your SEO rankings. Unique, Optimizing Content Providing your customers with unique content sets you aside from your competitors and gives you that step up. Validating your topic is an important step to start with. Identifying why the information you’re providing for your website is important to your customers or why it should be. It’s important to sell your business with context.  Being consistent with the tone of your content optimises the relevance of the information to your customers. Internal linking, title tag optimisation and layout, is all strategically applied in order to convey to your audience that the content is relatable information and they can continue to move along their customer journey with ease. These elements are vital parts of On page SEO and website design and proves an important asset that makes a website, customer oriented and user-focused. Links = More Traffic + Better Rankings Traffic, traffic, traffic! Backlinks provide your website with external sources to bring more traffic to your business. They provide a sense of trustworthiness in relation to your website if you can earn backlinks from credible sources. Even using internal links can help your consumers identify their relevant needs and have easier accessibility to the services you provide. Relevancy is a huge positive onpage SEO ranking factor, so having relevant links on your page has the ability to boost your rankings. Now, it’s important to not get carried away with links, making sure that the link is relevant, valuable and within the correct context. Don’t Stop There! Once valuable content is created and internal links and backlinks are earned, you will begin to notice an increase in your website performance over time, however, that does not mean that is the final step of website optimisation. Consistent maintaining and keeping that momentum to keep that traffic flow is vital. SEO tactics such as links and content marketing build up overtime, need to be updated frequently and are not considered to be a “one off” strategy. In this case, adding and editing content for your website consistently, ensures that you stay up-to-date with what your consumers want and provide fresh information to meet their needs. By further strengthening your website, it further strengthens your brand and reputation. This means more conversation and awareness for your business, more traffic and higher rankings. It is important for your website to provide the best user experience for your consumers in order to fuel the sales funnel and increase profits for your business. Links attract customers but content persuades them, and without one, you cannot succeed with the other. Your website is the “hub” of your brand and needs to have positive visibility, strong readability and be user-friendly. Adelaide SEO Specialists, DGreat Solutions have all the knowledge you need to optimise your digital marketing. Reach out to us here at DGreat Solutions and speak to our SEO specialists in Adelaide for all your SEO and digital marketing needs. Help us, help you, build your brand.


benefits of facebook for business

Created with the intent of simplifying the process of selling and purchasing products online, Facebook Shop is a common favourite amongst both business owners and consumers. With many businesses currently struggling and forced to close their physical shopfronts, taking their business online and utilising social media has been their saviour during this difficult period of time. Facebook provides small businesses in particular with a convenient method to do so. Even if you don’t have a website, you can still conveniently sell your products online to consumers via both Facebook and Instagram, as long as you have a Facebook Business Page. Facebook Shop has made the intention of buying and selling, quick and easy. So how can Facebook Shop benefit your business? IDEAL FOR IMPULSE SHOPPERS In the words of Facebook “users can enjoy the experience of shopping, not the chore of buying” and for impulse shoppers, Facebook Shop is the ideal tool to make purchases. Impulse shoppers see a product they find value in and want to make the purchase as quickly as possible, buying right in the moment. Facebook Shop caters perfectly well to this customer base and has proven to work effectively for many businesses. As Facebook Shop is also linked to Instagram, you can easily set up Instagram Shop in the same process. Share an image of a product, tag the items and your audience can easily tap the image to see details of the product. They can then click a direct link which will take them to the product either on your Facebook page or website to make the purchase. The process is simple, fast and makes shopping much more convenient. FREE TO SET UP AND EASY TO USE Another great benefit of Facebook shop is it’s free to set up and incredibly easy to use. There are simple instructions provided by Facebook which assist businesses in setting up their online shops. All you are required to do is choose the products you wish to sell and add them to your online catalogue. Page owners can then customise their shop in order to suit their brand, then link the shop to their eCommerce platform in order to make the purchase or they can purchase directly from Facebook. List all product features of your item and any other important information regarding your business. Facebook Shop replicates a real-life store where you can send messages to the shop and ask questions regarding specific products. Within a few clicks you can create your online store and begin sharing your products with the wider Facebook and Instagram community. SELL YOUR PRODUCTS ONLINE WITHOUT A WEBSITE One of the best features of Facebook Shop is business owners can sell their products online without having a website. If you’re relatively new to the online world and haven’t had the time or money to invest in a good website, you can opt to simply create a Facebook Business page and then utilise the shop feature.  This will work exceptionally well for businesses who have a significant amount of their target market on Facebook already. Once you have added your products online you can easily share them amongst your followers in order to promote them and attract potential buyers. There’s no denying that one of the keys to keeping your business afloat during these uncertain times is to establish an online presence. For newcomers to the online world, creating a Facebook Shop is a great place to start and easily sell to consumers. The introduction of Facebook Shop has assisted business owners across the globe in providing a seamless shopping experience for consumers. Not only does it assist shoppers with their shopping experience, but it also assists business owners in their ability to conveniently sell products to their target market. Facebook Shop is a cost effective, easy to use platform for business owners to sell to consumers with or without owning a website.  If you’re seeking social media assistance, contact the team at DGreat Solutions today to find out how we can help!



As digital marketing specialists, we encounter many websites which demonstrate poor search engine optimisation qualities. More often than not, this is as a result of business owners hiring inexperienced SEO specialists or they have attempted to enforce their own tactics without enough knowledge. SEO is not as simple as some may perceive it to be. There are many rules and guidelines which must be followed to ensure websites are providing useful information to their audience. If SEO is attempted by someone with minimal knowledge within the field, you could experience a negative backlash from search engines, resulting in your online reputation being tarnished. With extensive knowledge in the digital marketing industry, we’ve identified 5 common SEO mistakes so you can avoid them. 1. RANKING FOR THE WRONG KEYWORDS A significant element of SEO is your keyword strategy. Ultimately, this is the basis of SEO and determines the quality and quantity of traffic to your website.  We often witness websites which are ranking for keywords which are not relevant to their industry or are too generic to be ranked. This is not beneficial for your SEO and will not provide your website with any value.  It’s important to conduct research within your industry and devise a strong keyword strategy which targets your ideal target market. Think about the types of searches your ideal client/customer would make, try to incorporate this into your keywords. Ideally, the longer and more specific your keywords are, the greater your chances will be to rank. If you are a local business, incorporate local phrases or keywords into your strategy. The goal is to rank for keywords which generate the greatest number of searches with the least number of competitors. 2. NOT INCLUDING TITLE TAGS/META DESCRIPTIONS Optimising your website for SEO isn’t just about including your keywords throughout your written content. There are many other factors which influence your rankings and how search engine crawlers filter through relevant information on your pages. You must include relevant title tags and meta descriptions on each of your pages to ensure crawlers can accurately analyse the content on your pages and rank it accordingly. Without title tags and meta descriptions, crawlers are unable to read your content and determine whether or not it is useful for your audience. 3. WRITING POOR QUALITY CONTENT Posting poor quality content to your website can be seriously damaging to your SEO. Content which is considered ‘thin’ meaning it’s too short in word count, poorly written or unoriginal, can impact your search engine rankings.  Google favours content which can provide searchers with value and isn’t just written purely to increase its website’s rankings. If writing blog posts isn’t your forte, you could invest in hiring a copywriter to create content for you on a regular basis. This will ensure your content is of a high standard and meets SEO guidelines. When writing blog posts, aim to have a word count of at least 600 words to ensure your content isn’t too thin. Avoid plagiarism at all costs and write content which is insightful and provides value to avoid being penalised by search engines. 4. NOT OPTIMISING YOUR WEBSITE FOR MOBILE Over half of all search volume results come from smart phones. This means the optimisation of your website on mobile is just as important as it is for desktop. Most of us now tend to search for items or services we need on our mobiles and if your website is not responsive or takes too long to load, you could lose a significant amount of business. Not only is it frustrating for searchers, search engines use mobile responsiveness as a method of ranking as they aim to provide a seamless experience possible for searchers.  Check the responsiveness on your website and click through each page to ensure everything is running efficiently. You can test your mobile speed by using Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool. 5. IGNORING SEARCH ENGINE UPDATES One of the most important things to consider regarding SEO is the frequent updates which are made to search engine algorithms. Algorithms are consistently updated to ensure websites are providing valuable information and adhering to their rules and regulations.  If you are not abiding by these updates, your website could be penalised, and you could lose your top-ranking position. Ensure your website is always updated to reflect new algorithm updates and maintain your positive SEO. SEO is an intricate technique to master and without correct knowledge and implementation, your website could suffer. Ensure to avoid making the common mistakes listed above to maintain your search engine rankings.  Need help with your SEO? Talk to our expert team at DGreat Solutions today.



If you’re on the quest to boost your search engine rankings and can’t seem to hit the first page for your desired keywords or phrases, you might be missing out on a few key SEO techniques. Did you know  0.78% of Google searchers click on results from the second page. This means you must put in the work to ensure your page is ranked on the first page and is actually viewed by your target audience. We’ve collated some additional strategies you can implement, which will greatly enhance your SEO and have you boosting your rankings. Eliminate duplicate content One of the best things you can do in order to enhance your SEO is to check your website for duplicate content. You must keep the content on your website, including your title tags, meta tags and image alt text, unique. In fact, Google actually states website owners must avoid creating duplicate or similar content throughout your website. Filter through your website and keep a lookout for content which sounds too similar or replicated and make appropriate changes. Conduct research on your competitors Competitor research is vital! One of the core objectives of SEO is to outrank your competition. It makes sense to analyse your competitors and look at what they’re doing in order to rank. This will help you to understand exactly which keywords to target and incorporate into your SEO strategy. You can also determine the type of content you should be creating. Look at the topics your competitors are writing, how frequently they are writing and the length of their content.  You should also take note of their backlinks to understand the type of backlinks you should be incorporating into your own strategy. Start guest blogging If you aren’t already guest blogging, you should certainly incorporate this into your SEO strategy. Guest blogging helps to boost your credibility and builds up your off-page backlinks. Submitting your content to good blogging sites to be published is one of the most effective ways to obtain high quality backlinks. Search for blogs which are relevant to your niche and check to see if their website accepts submissions. This is an effective way to increase your rankings on search engines. Build up your internal links Internal links are essentially links within a page on your website which link to another relevant page on your website. They assist visitors with navigating your website and assist Googlebots in finding content within your site which is relevant and worth ranking. It’s important to analyse the pages of your website and determine which pages you deem to be the most relevant. These are the pages you should be investing more time into building internal links for. Ensure your website is crawlable To enhance your SEO you must ensure your website is crawlable. The aim is to have a ‘bot-friendly’ website which can easily be filtered by search engine robots who determine whether or not your content is valuable for searchers. One of the top tips we would recommend is making sure your website has an XML sitemap. The XML sitemap is essentially a map which leads Google bots to all of the important pages on your website. They are necessary for all websites and will determine your rankings. Search engine optimisation is powerful and if executed correctly, can attract a significant number of searchers to your website.  Remember to follow Google’s SEO guidelines and always aim to create unique content which is informative for your target audience. Analyse your competition and devise a strategy which will ultimately have you outranking all your key industry competitors. For assistance with your SEO strategy, contact us today at DGreat Solutions.

7 ways to increase brand awareness using social media

brand awareness using social media

Australians are spending almost 6 hours a day on the internet, with almost two hours spent on social media. As marketers and business owners, it’s important to take this into account and adapt your business accordingly. Utilise social media and invest time into developing the perfect strategy which will target your ideal audience. Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tik Tok, Snapchat or Pinterest, there is great marketing potential in every social media platform. If your aim is to develop your business and boost your brand awareness, the best possible way you can do this is by using social media. Interested to know how? Read our 7 ways to increase brand awareness using social media. 1. Research your target audience This is the most crucial step in any marketing strategy and an area which you must invest enough time into, is to define your audience. Without a target audience, you are investing time and money into marketing which might not be beneficial for your business. Think about who your ideal clientele would be and write down as many characteristics as you can which they would fall into. Whether it be age, gender, occupation, interests etc, having a defined target audience will help you when you create content and determine who views it. 2. Create appealing visual content By creating appealing, visual content for your audience, you will be able to keep them engaged and interacting with your profiles. Think back to your target audience and think about the types of content they would like to see. Get creative and plan your content ahead so you have time to create quality posts. Content ideas may include video tutorials, infographics, before and after photos, team introduction posts, client/customer testimonials, etc. Creating engaging content frequently will build your reputation and attract more followers to your page. 3. Utilise influencers Social media influencers are an ideal way to gain brand exposure and promote your business. Find influencers who reflect the target audience in your niche and use them to grow your business. Whether you pay a fee or provide free services/products exchange for a promotion, it’s quite a small price to pay for a significant amount of brand exposure. Always ensure to create an agreement with your influencer to ensure both parties obtain the best end result. 4. Aim to go viral Some of the most successful businesses have made it to where they are as a result of a viral post. If you are able to create content which is viewed and shared by thousands, if not millions, across the globe, this is the ultimate goal for brand exposure. Of course it’s not easy for content to go viral, otherwise everyone would be doing it. Start small and share your content across various social platforms, encourage your family and friends to share and try submitting to other credible websites. Remember to try to create content which is unique! 5. Make use of hashtags & location tags Hashtags and location tags are another great way of spreading brand awareness. Use hashtags and location tags which are relevant to the content you are sharing and your target audience. Utilise a combination of hashtags with both high and low followings. This will provide you with a greater chance of ending up in explore pages and having more people see your brand. If you are a global business, mix up your location tags to gain exposure in different cities throughout the world. 6. Interact on your social accounts Sometimes business owners focus so much time on other aspects of their work and tend to neglect one of the most important factors of social media, BEING SOCIAL. You must spend time interacting with your followers, commenting back to posts, responding to enquiries, and showing support to those who support you. This builds your online presence and will guarantee greater brand exposure. 7. Run competitions/giveaways A great way to create brand awareness fast is to run competitions or giveaways for your followers. This is a great way to encourage your followers to share your content, tag their friends in your posts and boost your brand awareness. Start a competition and watch your following grow significantly! One of the core fundamentals of any marketing strategy is to create brand awareness. Once people learn about your brand, they will learn to invest their trust in it and will be more willing to use your products or services. Social media is predominantly one of the best ways for any business to promote their brand and reach their target audience.

The 5 easiest and most important tips for successful SEO

The 5 easiest and most important tips for successful SEO

In this article, we are going to be sharing with you 5 of the easiest and in our eyes, the most important tips for successful SEO. Make sure you take note on these tips and start implementing them as soon as you can. The main focus of this is based around the content that you are writing or getting written for your business and how you can best optimise it to bring in the desired result. Valuable content is king in the search engines eyes, and we want to help you improve the results from your efforts. Slow page load times Page loading speeds is a massive factor in SEO. A few years ago you could get away with a slow loading website. But those days are long gone, there is no excuse for having a slow website anymore. People are getting more and more impatient when they go online and if your site is taking too long to load, you can say goodbye to a good chunk of customers. A slow page speed does more than just losing traffic though, it paints an untrustworthy picture in the mind of your prospects to. Page speed is crucial to both users and search engines. According to a study by eConsultancy, “40% of people abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load”. So has that number got you worried? As your business begins to grow and you start generating more and more leads through SEO, you have to make sure your website is lightning quick, otherwise, you are wasting up to 40% off that traffic! One quick way to reduce the loading speed is to remove non-essential elements that slow down your site. If your site is on WordPress, have a look through your plugins and delete anything that you aren’t using anymore. Write to the people reading it We previously did a blog around the intent of blog writing for SEO. When writing blogs and articles for your business you must keep the reader first in mind and search engines second. The old method of SEO was to just fill your blogs with keywords that rank high on Google in an attempt to get more clicks on your site. While this definitely used to work, you can’t keep doing this, if your content isn’t relevant or doesn’t appeal to the reader you will lose their interest and they will go to the next site. In the search engines eyes, this is bad and you will suffer the consequences in the long run. You must be writing engaging content for real people. Remember, people are the ones with credit cards ready to purchase your product, not robots. Robots don’t engage with your brand or become loyal customers, humans do. So, next time you or your colleague is writing content for your business, forget about the search engines when doing so. You will find that your content will become more helpful, and search engines love this. The search engines bots track user behaviours and you will be rewarded for actually helping people. Meta Descriptions A well put together met description is often neglected by people and it happens to be one of the most powerful parts of SEO. It’s the first section that people see when you pop up on Google and can ultimately decide whether or not they click through to your website. Generally, the search engine giant doesn’t like duplicate content. Yes, there are times when there is a need to cite a paragraph or sentence from another site (and link back to the source), but if publishing duplicate content becomes your way of life, you might get penalized by Google. Another thing to consider is duplicate meta descriptions. Make sure your site doesn’t have the same meta descriptions for different pages, you will eventually get penalised and it’s not very good for the users experience regardless. If you are a WordPress user, we highly recommend that you use a plugin called YOAST. It will help you find and fix up duplicate content on your site. Use readable and meaningful URLs only Your URL’s must be readable to both the user and the search engines, otherwise, things can get confusing. Don’t worry too much about having a long URL, if it’s easy to understand for both the search engines and the users, you are in the clear. This is what our URL looks likes for one of our blogs Yes its quite long, but I bet you know exactly what that blog post is going to be about right? And so does the search engine bot. Stay away from page URLs like this: This isn’t memorable. You must try to keep your URL memorable for the use in case they want to go back to it quickly, instead of searching through dozens of pages to find it again. Even though search engine bots have come a long way, they still need to be guided. If your URL’s are all over the place and don’t explain what the specific page is, the bots will get confused as well. Create & publish unique content consistently to improve your rankings If you have ever written content for your company you will know how hard it can be some days to think of something new and to not just copy someones else’s blog or article. It’s ok to take inspiration from someone else’s work, but you have to write it in your own way. This not only helps with your ranking, but will help with branding too. If you are in this for the long hall, then you want to have a unique voice, people will begin to read your content purely because YOU wrote it. Fresh content is a must for any online business – if your wanting success that is. Google and other search engines love to see new and useful content being posted and shared regularly. It shows them that you are credible and that you’re the place to go

What is local SEO and why is it so important for your business in 2019

What is local SEO and why is it so important for your business

Local SEO is quickly becoming paramount to sustaining and growing your brick and mortar store. If you want people in your area to know you exist, or just make it that bit easier to find you when they need to, optimizing your website should be top priority.When it comes to outranking your local competitors your need to focus on local SEO keywords, this will drive your search ranking up and bring you more customers in! Local Directory Listings When it comes to increasing your website visibility, business directories do a fantastic job of putting your business in front of your potential customers. They also give you quite a significant boost in your Google rankings, which generally equals more customers! Most business listing directories even give you a small section for you to talk about your business and what exactly it is that you do.There many many directories out there, you want to try to be in as many of them as you can! It is definitely time consuming, but if it brings you in more customers, its small price to pay.Oh and did I mention that the majority of them are free.One tip that I want to give you if you are going to go down this road is; make sure you keep all your contact info consistent across all the directories. This boosts your SEO as Google will see all this information. We recommend that you keep a spreadsheet with all your necessary information, like; business name, address, phone number, email, logo and opening hours. This way if anything changes you have a record of it all and know which directories need to be updated. Get on Google My Business We don’t have to tell you that Google is the largest search engine in the world. So it makes sense that you should have a Google My Business listing! It’s the first thing people will see when searching for a product or service in their local area, this is where you want to be.There is a bit or a process when getting your business on ‘Google My Business’, but they make it pretty easy and straightforward for you. Once you are verified, you can start adding photos, video, store hours and other business information. Make sure this is done properly and professionally. This will most likely be your most viewed listing by far! Optimize for local keywords Local keywords will definitely help you get found, but that doesn’t mean you should sacrifice content quality. Google likes high quality, valuable content on websites. Sites with this type of content get ranked higher than sites that don’t.Local keywords will most certainly help customers find you, but make sure your content is high quality. Google LOVES high quality and valuable content, if you can provide people with value, Google will rank your websites higher than ones that don’t.So when you are writing blogs, make sure you use relevant keywords when possible. Keep in mind that you can also add location based keywords, so think of what people might search for when looking for your business in your area. If you are a plumber in norwood. People will probably be searching for “plumbers in norwood Mobile optimisation Recently Google announced they they are now indexing for mobile first. This is a whole topic in itself, which we have covered previously. So if you want to read up more on this, be sure to check out our blog here Google’s Mobile First Indexing – How Does This Affect Your Business? Get reviews There are three big places for reviews that you need to be using. Google, Facebook and Yelp. You should be pointing your customers towards either one of these sites for all your reviews. Research has shown that over 90% of potential buyers read online reviews before choosing which company to do their business with.So dont make the mistake of brushing reviews off, if someone is happy with your product or service, just kindly ask them to leave a review. Most people are more than happy to as they know it helps. Optimizing for voice search Up until just a few years ago, the only way for users to enter information into search engines was to type. Those days ended when Google introduced their voice capabilities for searching.Today, more and more people are using their voice to search for the things they want. The catch is that the way people talk is usually different from the way they type. This could mean some revamping, or at least the addition of, more voice friendly keywords. You will have to stop thinking in textual terms and more in natural speaking patterns. Answer the Public is a good place to startThis is another topic that we have covered quite recently and its definitely something you should check out! Up until recently, the only way for people to find out something on a certain topic, was by typing it in to a search engine. Now that nearly everyone either owns a Google home, Amazon Alexa, or atleast a smartphone that is capable of doing voice search, those days are over.More and more people are begining to use voice search instead of typing in their questions. Summary So to sum it all up, to keep up with the digital times and make sure you don’t become a failing brick and mortar store, you need to be utilising local SEO. It is a bit of work and can be very time consuming, but the results are short of amazing. We have helped dozens of clients turn their businesses around in a relatively short time frame, just from the SEO we have done for them. If this sounds like something you would like to hear more about, get in touch with us! We love talking to our readers and love helping businesses of all sizes!