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Difference Between Website Design in Perth and Website Design in Adelaide

Difference Between Website Design in Perth and Website Design in Adelaide

For companies that primarily serve customers in their local community, it is important that their website design appeals to people within those communities. If we consider both Perth and Adelaide, we know that these two cities are very different. They look different, they have a different vibe, and they have unique communities. So, to put things simply, when it comes to website design Perth needs a different approach than Adelaide if you intend to attract predominantly local customers.

The Importance of Localisation

As mentioned above, the design, look, and feel of a website designed to sell into a local community needs to be fitting. However, there are more reasons why developing a localised website is important. One of the main reasons we develop a localised site, and more importantly, populated it with localised content, is to attract more local visitors. Consider for a moment that search engines such as Google always try and match people with the best results for their search query. They also collect lots of data from their users, including their location.

So, when somebody in a part of Australia such as Perth or Adelaide, searches for let’s say a website design Adelaide or website design Perth, Google will try and return local companies highest in search results. By making sure your website fits local search criteria, you can attract more visitors, and hopefully turn more visitors into paying customers.

Designing a Website Specifically for Perth Australia

When it comes to website design Perth presents a bit of a challenge. Perth is a huge city, with many different sub-communities. It is almost impossible to design a site that is going to appeal visually to everyone in each of these communities. However, we can still localise a website design for Perth in ways that will attract more visitors searching for your business niche around Perth area as mentioned above.

And of course, if you know that your main customers will come from a certain segment of the Perth population, such as those working in the main commercial district, you can then ensure the design of your website fits that visitor persona. Overall, if you are thinking about your website design, Perth offers some great ways to generate localised content. As a large, cosmopolitan city there is plenty going on, and if you can find news, events and other interesting facts about Perth that have a synergy with your company, you can use these as content themes to drive localised traffic to your site.

Designing a Website that Suits an Adelaide Local Business

Website designed in Adelaide style is a little simpler than Perth. As this is a smaller city, with a much smaller subset of local communities. Adelaide also has that coastal vibe going on, which is always good to leverage when you are deciding on a design for your website. Perth also has some really unique natural landmarks, some of which can be used as part of your site design to connect with local consumers.

Above we mentioned how local news, events, and information can make great content themes as part of an exercise in attracting local site traffic. Adelaide is a busy city, it should be very simple to find potential content themes that suit your local business.

How Much Localisation is Too Much?

This is a tough question to answer. For local businesses in both Perth and Adelaide, who predominately sell to local customers, then no amount of localisation can be too much. But what about local firms who also sell nationally, or even internationally? They won’t want their websites design to be excluded from search results in other cities or countries due to being too heavily localised.

So how does a local company ensure that it is also returned in international search results? The trick here is twofold. Firstly, parts of the site need to be developed and optimised for their local customers, and parts of their sites developed to be returned in generic search results. Secondly, for search engines such as Google, the site can indicate that certain pages or subdomains are intended for local traffic and certain pages for generic international search results.

Is a Localised Website Right for Your Business?

If you are thinking about publishing a new website in Perth or Adelaide, and a large percentage of your customers come from the local area, then yes, it simply makes sense to design a website that leverages this. It can result in higher sales volume, which obviously means more revenue. It also helps your company to extend the reach of its local brand.

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