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As much as we all love to utilise free advertising on social media, it can be challenging to obtain visibility. Your competition is much greater with organic advertising and essentially you need to work much harder to have your posts seen. Facebook ads are an ideal way to learn more about your target market and attract more leads to your business page. Businesses thrive from using Facebook due to its exceptional reach and targeting capabilities. We list below 5 ways of generating more leads using Facebook advertising.

Targeted ads

Facebook provides users with an extraordinary level of targeted marketing. Facebook Ads Manager enables businesses to create ad campaigns which target a variety of audiences based upon their marketing objectives. With the ability to target users based upon demographics such as their location, career, income, gender, age, and interests.  This assists businesses to target a variety of audiences, test them, measure the results and determine which audience group generates the most leads. You also have the option to create a reach campaign, where you have the ability to target the maximum amount of people possible.

Targeted ads

Free promotions

Facebook Advertising

We all love receiving things for free, creating an ad which promotes a free item or service is an effective way to capture Facebook user’s attention and obtain more leads.  When deciding what to offer your prospects for free, think about what your target audience would find useful. Think outside the box and be unique with your free promotion. Whether it be an e-book, consultation or free product to try, you want to use the free offer as an introduction to your products or services and prompt them to seek your assistance further. The aim is to demonstrate your expertise in your industry and how you differ from your competitors. Include a CTA (call to action) in your free promotion which prompts users to include their contact details. This will allow you to add them to your client database or email marketing platform to follow up with them in future.

Video ads

Facebook videos are highly effective, especially when used in ad campaigns. Video ads provide businesses with the opportunity to create informative and engaging content which encourages users to use your services or buy your products. It’s important to create high quality videos, including a CTA such as ‘call us today’ or ‘book a free consultation’. Mobile friendly videos generate higher engagement, so always remember to ensure your videos are optimised for mobile. Visual content is crucial when creating Facebook ads, 85% of videos watched by users, are viewed without sound.  Consider having subtitles throughout your video ads to cater to this. Also keep your videos short and sweet, video ads under 60 seconds are ideal. Anything longer than this and it becomes harder to keep the attention of your viewers.

Facebook Advertising

SMS & Messenger

Another tip for generating more leads is by incorporating SMS and Facebook Messenger into your ad strategy. Facebook provides businesses with the ability to have an auto responder. This improves your response rates overall and assists businesses to convert leads more frequently. Messenger and SMS have significantly high open rates as opposed to email. Messenger has 70% open rates and SMS even higher with 98%. You have a greater chance of conveying your indented message by utilising this technique. Once you have obtained the contact details of your prospects via your ads, you can use these details to alert users of special promotions or important updates via SMS and Messenger.

Advertise on Instagram

In case you are unaware, Facebook actually owns Instagram. This means you have the ability to use the same ads created in Facebook ads manager, to target those who fall within your target audience on Instagram. This provides you with another window of opportunity to target those who may be interested in your products or services who actually may not use Facebook, however, use Instagram. Instagram is a highly effective platform for social media marketing and one you should incorporate into your ads strategy in order to obtain more leads.

Facebook advertising is a powerful way for businesses to promote their products or services and gain a significant amount of leads. Facebook’s targeting capabilities provide business owners with the potential to reach a significant number of prospects who would actually be interested in their business. Facebook has the highest number of active monthly users, compared with other social media platforms. This is why DGreat Solution recommends Facebook for businesses and marketers to invest in advertising campaigns.