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Content Marketing Mastery: The Art and Science of Crafting Engaging Content

Content Marketing Mastery

Crafting engaging content that resonates with your audience is both an art and a science. It requires a harmonious blend of creativity and strategic planning. Content marketing stands as a pillar within the digital marketing world, driven by the necessity to connect with customers in a meaningful way. That’s Content Marketing Mastery should be learned. To excel in the realm of content marketing, one must develop a robust content strategy that caters to the interests and needs of their target audience. This strategy acts as a blueprint, guiding the creation, distribution, and management of content that not only attracts but also retains the audience’s attention. So, let’s delve into Content Marketing Mastery. Understanding Your Audience The first step in mastering content marketing is to gain a deep understanding of your audience. This involves researching and developing audience personas, which encompass the demographics, interests, pain points, and behavioural patterns of your potential customers. By doing so, you’ll tailor content that hits home with your readers, increasing the likelihood of engagement. Crafting a Narrative Once you understand your audience, the next step is to craft a compelling narrative. Stories possess the power to draw people in and make your message more relatable. When creating engaging content, weave a narrative throughout your pieces that connect with your audience on an emotional level. Quality Over Quantity In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, users are inundated with information. To stand out, focus on the quality of your content rather than the quantity. A well-researched article that provides genuine value will have a lasting impact compared to a slew of mediocre posts. Quality content is shared more often, extends your reach, and establishes your brand as an authority in your niche. SEO: A Crucial Component Search engine optimisation (SEO) is an integral part of a successful content marketing strategy. Incorporating relevant keywords, like ‘content marketing’ and ‘engaging content’, in a natural and reader-friendly manner can significantly improve the visibility of your content online. Multimedia and Interactive Elements The inclusion of multimedia and interactive elements can enhance the engagement factor of your content. From infographics and videos to polls and quizzes, these elements provide a richer experience and can make complex information more digestible. Consistency is Key Maintaining a consistent tone, style, and posting schedule helps build trust with your audience. Consistency ensures that your brand becomes a reliable source of information, encouraging readers to return for more insightful content. Analysis and Adaptation Finally, mastering content marketing demands ongoing analysis and adaptation. Utilise analytics tools to track the performance of your content. Look at metrics such as page views, shares, and time spent on page to determine what types of content resonate most with your audience. Use these insights to refine your content strategy over time, ensuring that it evolves with your audience’s preferences. In conclusion, the mastery of content marketing lies in understanding the delicate balance between the art of compelling storytelling and the science of strategic planning. By prioritising the creation of high-quality, engaging content that’s informed by a solid content strategy, marketers can not only reach but also connect with their audience in a manner that fosters lasting relationships and drives growth.

The Science of Social Media: Harnessing the Power of Engagement for Business Growth

Social Media Engagement for Business

In our advanced digital society, social media transcends its initial role as a mere channel of communication to evolve into an influential apparatus for businesses regardless of size. By harnessing the transformative force of social media engagement for business, enterprises can foster remarkable business growth, a concept scarcely conceivable only ten years prior. The Art of Engagement: More Than Just Regular Posting Fostering a rapport with your audience on social media doesn’t just translate to regular content distribution; it means fostering an environment wherein your followers feel acknowledged, listened to, and appreciated. Engagement encapsulates actions such as likes, comments, shares, and saves — all of which act as signifiers of your audience’s reception of your content. The higher the engagement your posts receive, the greater the likelihood they’ll be favoured by social media algorithms thereby improving your visibility and reach. Curating Resonant Content: A Cornerstone of Effective Social Media Strategy At the core of a successful social media strategy is the ability to curate content that resonates with your intended audience. This is the window for businesses to leverage engagement to foster growth. Top-quality, relevant content invites interaction, which, in turn, initiates a virtuous cycle of augmented exposure and additional engagement. Harnessing SEO Keywords: Maximising Reach and Discoverability An integral component to incorporate into any social media strategy is the utilisation of SEO keywords. Not earmarked exclusively for website content, they hold equal importance on social media platforms. By incorporating pertinent SEO keywords into your posts, you can heighten the visibility of your content, aiding those searching for topics related to your industry in discovering you. Coupling astute SEO practices with engaging social content culminates in a formidable online presence that can markedly foster business growth. The Power of Analytics: Refining and Personalising Strategies To truly capitalise on the strength of social media engagement, it’s crucial to measure, assess, and understand the influence of your initiatives. Analytics provided by social platforms themselves, and third-party services, can shed light on content performance and its underlying reasons. This data-centric strategy bolsters businesses in fine-tuning their approaches, concentrating on high-performing content types, and forging a more tailored bond with their audience. Tuning into Social Listening: Comprehending and Adapting to Consumer Behaviour We must not undervalue the prominence of social listening — attentiveness to the dialogues, mentions, and trends pertinent to your brand. A responsive approach to these discussions not only buttresses engagement but aids in discerning consumer behaviour, rendering businesses adaptive and evolutionary in a competitive marketplace. Innovative Customer Service: The Social Media Avenue In addition to this, social media platforms present an opportunity for innovative customer service. Timely and empathetic responses to enquiries and worries via these platforms can enhance customer relations and bolster your brand’s reputation considerably. Conclusion: The Unseen Potential of Social Media Engagement In conclusion, the potential for business growth through social media engagement is substantial. Those companies that skilfully harness this are likely to witness amplified brand loyalty, an increased influx of leads, and potentially elevated conversion rates. By prioritising engaging content creation, astute use of SEO keywords, leveraging analytics for strategy refinement, and employing social listening, businesses won’t merely grow — they’ll thrive in today’s digital landscape.

The Art of Copywriting: How Effective Content can Elevate your Online Campaigns


Copywriting is an art form that plays a quintessential role in the success of online campaigns. Mastering the craft of creating effective content isn’t simply about providing information; it’s about engaging readers, connecting with them emotionally, and compelling them to take action. This synergy of artistry and technique can dramatically elevate your online presence and, accordingly, the impact of your online campaigns. The Power of Words in Copywriting The power of copywriting lies within the choice of words and the construction of narratives that resonate with the target audience. By carefully selecting language that appeals to the audience’s needs, desires, and pain points, copywriters can craft messages that feel personal and persuasive. The goal is to create a bond of trust and an emotional connection, which is likely to result in greater engagement and conversion rates. The pivotal factor of copywriting is understanding the psychology of the consumer. Knowing what drives them and being able to predict their response to certain triggers is crucial. Successful copywriting reflects a profound understanding of this consumer psychology, leading to the creation of content that’s not just informative but transformative. Creating Effective Content for Online Campaigns A key point in any online campaign is ensuring that your content is not only informative but also effective. Effective content is: Concise and clear, cutting through the digital noise to grab attention. Engaging, often using storytelling techniques to create a narrative. Persuasive, encouraging readers to make a purchase, subscribe, or engage in another desired action. Valuable, providing the reader with information, solutions, or entertainment. Consistent across all platforms, reinforcing your brand’s message and values. SEO is another critical component of copywriting for online campaigns. By integrating relevant keywords seamlessly into the content, the copy not only answers the reader’s query but also ranks higher in search engine results, thereby increasing visibility and the likelihood of clicks. Strategies for Elevating Online Campaigns Conduct Market Research Understand your audience’s demographics, interests, and behaviour. This informs the tone, language, and content type that will resonate best with them. Tailor Content for Different Platforms What works on one platform might not be effective on another. Customise your message for the nuances of each channel while keeping your brand’s voice consistent. Focus on Headlines The majority of people will read your headline, but only a fraction will read the rest. Invest time in crafting headlines that are compelling and indicative of the content’s value. Use Calls-to-Action Direct your readers on what to do next with clear calls-to-action (CTAs). Whether it’s to ‘Buy Now,’ ‘Learn More,’ or ‘Subscribe,’ make sure the CTA stands out. Analyse and Adapt Utilise analytics to track the performance of your content. Learn what works and doesn’t, and then adapt your strategy accordingly. The art of copywriting is in the ability to blend creativity with strategic marketing goals to produce content that captivates and converts. When you leverage the power of well-crafted words, your online campaigns can only reach greater heights. Whether it’s driving sales, increasing brand awareness, or building customer loyalty, the content you create is a vital ambassador for your brand. In the bustling digital marketplace, where every brand vies for attention, make sure your copywriting stands out — let it be the compelling voice that elevates your online campaigns above the rest.

Understanding Google Analytics: A Key to Boost Online Advertising Performance in Adelaide.

Online Advertising Performance in Adelaide

The digital landscape of Adelaide is shaping up to be a fertile ground for businesses endeavouring to make their mark online. A key element driving this growth is online advertising, now considered a crucial pillar for any business eyeing success. Central to this is data, and its efficient use in improving visibility and engagement. This is where understanding Google Analytics comes in, providing an invaluable tool in effectively utilising this data to boost online advertising performance in Adelaide Unleashing the Potential of Google Analytics Google Analytics is not merely a fancy tool but a gold mine of insights. It provides an in-depth understanding of your website’s traffic and performance. One of its standout features is that it grants a detailed understanding of your audience. Google Analytics helps you demystify the demographics, interests, and behaviours of your visitors. With this trove of data, you are better equipped to tailor your online advertising campaigns, ensuring that your marketing efforts reach the corners of Adelaide that matter most to your business. Understanding Traffic Acquisition with Google Analytics Tracking the origins of your website traffic is another stellar capability offered by Google Analytics. It assists in understanding how visitors arrive on your site, be it through organic searches, paid ads, social media platforms or direct influxes. This facilitates valuable inputs in gauging the efficacy of your online advertising tactics, helping you identify which channels are generating the most traffic and conversions. As a result, you can channel your advertising budget more proficiently. Parsercing Conversion Tracking Conversion tracking is another potent feature enabled by Google Analytics. It allows you to keep a close watch on the actions taken by visitors on your site such as subscribing to a newsletter, sending a query via a contact form, or executing a purchase. By identifying what triggers conversions, businesses in Adelaide can fine-tune their online advertising to prompt more of these rewarding actions. Content Optimisation through Google Analytics Content optimisation is yet another area where Google Analytics lends a hand. It sheds light on which content is managing to hold the attention of your audience, how long they stay captivated, and what may be causing them to exit. Equipped with these insights, you can boost user experience, elongate the duration of site visits, and raise the likelihood of conversions – all key benefits to your online advertising campaigns. Real-Time Campaign Performance Tracking The ability to monitor the real-time performance of specific advertising campaigns is a significant advantage provided by Google Analytics. It enables Adelaide’s advertisers to make adaptive and informed decisions on-the-fly while fine-tuning campaigns to increase impact. The ability to pivot rapidly keeps your online advertising strategies ahead of the curve, guaranteeing a competitive performance in Adelaide’s dynamic market. The Roadmap to Success with Google Analytics To sum up, Google Analytics is more than just a tool for businesses in Adelaide aspiring to boost their online advertising performance – it’s the ticket to success. The insights gleaned through it pave the path to a deeper understanding of the market, enhanced user experience, and refined advertising strategies. Embracing Google Analytics not only ensures better acquaintance with your Adelaide audience, but it also places your business on a thriving trajectory amidst today’s digital economy.

Maximizing Your Online Presence: Expert Web Design Adelaide

Maximizing Your Online Presence: Expert Web Design Adelaide

In today’s digital age, having a strong online presence is crucial for any business in Adelaide. This can be achieved through effective web design and website development. However, with so many web design companies in Adelaide to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to start In this article, we will discuss how professional web design services can maximize your online presence by following the up-to-date web design Adelaide standards and trends. Why Hire Professionals for Web Development In the digital landscape, your website is the first impression that potential customers will have of your business. Therefore, prioritizing web development is essential if you want to establish a successful online presence and ensure the growth of your business. Here is how professional web development agencies help you boost your presence online: Experienced Web Developers and Designers Professional web design companies in Adelaide have a team of experienced web developers and designers who know what it takes to create an effective website. They are familiar with the latest web design trends and techniques, and they can use this knowledge to create a website that meets your business needs. Customized Web Design Solutions A professional web design company in Adelaide will take the time to understand your business and create a customized web design solution that aligns with your goals and objectives. They will work with you to develop a website that reflects your brand identity and values, and that resonates with your target audience. Mobile Responsiveness With the majority of people using their mobile devices to browse the internet, having a mobile-responsive website is crucial. A professional web development company can ensure your website is optimized for all devices, providing a seamless user experience across all platforms. Search Engine Optimization Search engine optimization is the process of optimizing your website to rank higher in search engine results pages. This is important because the higher your website ranks, the more visible it will be to potential customers. A web development company in Adelaide can help you optimize your website for SEO by ensuring that it is designed to meet search engine standards and that it includes relevant keywords and meta tags. Faster Load Times Slow website loading times can negatively impact user experience and lead to a high bounce rate. Professional web developers can optimize your website’s speed, ensuring that it loads quickly and provides an exceptional user experience. Up-to-Date Technology Technology is constantly changing, and your website needs to keep up with these changes. A web development company in Adelaide can ensure that your website is using the latest technology and that it is up-to-date with the latest web design Adelaide trends, following the trends and techniques. User-Friendly Navigation A website that is difficult to navigate can quickly turn off potential customers. Professional web developers can design a user-friendly interface with easy-to-use navigation, making it simple for visitors to find what they are looking for. Integration with Social Media A professional web development company can help you integrate your website with your social media profiles, making it easy for visitors to follow your brand and share your content. E-commerce Functionality For businesses that sell products or services online, having e-commerce functionality is essential. A professional web development company can ensure that your website has a secure and easy-to-use e-commerce platform, providing a streamlined purchasing experience for customers. Analytics and Tracking To understand the effectiveness of your website, it’s important to track user behavior and analyze website performance data. Professional web developers can integrate analytics and tracking tools into your website, allowing you to gather valuable insights and make data-driven decisions to improve your online presence. Ongoing Support and Maintenance Websites require ongoing maintenance and updates to ensure optimal performance and security. A professional web development company can provide continuing support and maintenance, ensuring that your website remains up-to-date and secure. Brand Consistency Professional web developers can ensure that your website aligns with your brand’s visual identity, ensuring that your website accurately represents your brand’s values and messaging. Greater Business Success A website that is optimized for online success is essential for growing your business. A website development company in Adelaide can help you achieve your business goals by ensuring that your website is up-to-date, optimized for SEO, and designed to meet the needs of your target audience. Effective website design development is essential in maximizing your online presence and achieving business success. By hiring a web development company in Adelaide, you can ensure that your website is up-to-date, optimized for SEO, mobile-responsive, and designed to provide an excellent user experience. Can a Good Web Design Boost Web Traffic and Sales? A well-designed website can provide a seamless and enjoyable user experience, making visitors more likely to spend more time on your site and engage with your content. This can lead to increased traffic and higher sales. Other benefits include: Increased Search Engine Visibility A website that is optimized for search engines can rank higher in search results, making it more likely that people will find your site and visit it. This can result in increased traffic and higher sales. Enhanced Credibility and Trust A website with a professional and visually appealing design can help establish credibility and build trust with visitors. This can lead to increased sales and repeat business. Effective Calls to Action A good web design can include clear and effective calls to action, such as buttons or forms, that encourage visitors to take the desired action, such as making a purchase or signing up for a newsletter. This can result in increased sales and lead generation. A good web design can have a significant impact on your website’s ability to attract visitors and generate sales. By providing a seamless user experience, improving search engine visibility, establishing credibility and trust, including effective calls to action, and optimizing for mobile, you can help boost web traffic and sales for your business. Partner with the Company that Understands Your Branding Choosing the right web design company in Adelaide is a critical decision

Why Should You Advertise on Social Media?

Advertise on social media | DGreat solutions

Do you run a business and are struggling to see the point of social media? Is  the hashtagging, emojis and memes flying right past your head? Don’t worry, we are here to explain the importance of advertising on social media platforms and why you should invest in social media advertising RIGHT NOW! It’s no secret that advertising on social media can be very beneficial for businesses, it can really grow your audience and a good platform to promote the products and services you provide. However, there are still a lot of businesses out there that aren’t grasping onto this fantastic and low-cost advertising platform. Let us explain why you should ABSOLUTELY get on top of social media ASAP! Build Audience Through social media, you are reaching audiences that your website and other forms of marketing can’t reach. Having your business on social media platforms ensures your business is being seen and is portrayed as active and engaging to your audience. It helps you build authority to your brand and brand recognition and allows potential customers to recall your brand easier. This helps you build a following and get your business out there! Track Return On Investment Social Media advertising has a really great system at tracking ROI, it lets you directly track your marketing campaigns and their success. This is great because it can track how your ad is performing and what ads are underperforming, to prioritize, well performing ads to bring better results. It can be seriously difficult to track more traditional forms of marketing and you can spend thousands on advertising that just isn’t working. With social media, you are tracking the outcome 24/7 and always have access to your ROI figures. Targeted Advertising The really great thing about social media advertising is the targeted and specific advertising that can bring in the right traffic to boost that conversion rate. By being able to target your specific audience, whether it be location based or another specific demographic, Social platforms have enough information to source who your target audience is and direct your campaigns there. This ideal hyper-targeting specific users technique, makes sure that your business is reaching the right people to promote growth and sales/leads. Drive Traffic to your website Social media can provide links directly to your website and drive traffic to “The Hub” of your business. Having more links to your site provides your audience with more access points to find and explore your business, social media provides your business with a very simple and low cost but effective way to increase traffic to your website. This only provides very beneficial for the business. Do not miss the opportunity to provide more pathways and access points to your website. Competitors Remember every minute you aren’t advertising on social media, your competitors are gaining your customers, your audience and your sales/leads. Every industry is a competitive industry and staying ahead of your competitors can be a challenge, ESPECIALLY if you aren’t advertising on social media platforms. Better Insight to your customers Social Media is fantastic for giving you a platform to really form a connection with your customers and have a better insight into who they really are. Social Media helps you stay engaged with your audience and gives your business a better understanding of who your target audience is. It allows you to engage with their comments and messages, making it a two-way relationship. Through forming a connection with your customers, they are more inclined to feel loyal towards you as a brand. If you’ve been tossing up whether or not to get your business into Social Media Advertising then I think this is your sign. Our team at DGreat Solutions specialise in Social Media Advertising and Social Media Management and can show you how to get started and seriously grow your audience today! Reach out to us here to find out how we can improve your marketing and build your brand and sales!



As digital marketing specialists, we encounter many websites which demonstrate poor search engine optimisation qualities. More often than not, this is as a result of business owners hiring inexperienced SEO specialists or they have attempted to enforce their own tactics without enough knowledge. SEO is not as simple as some may perceive it to be. There are many rules and guidelines which must be followed to ensure websites are providing useful information to their audience. If SEO is attempted by someone with minimal knowledge within the field, you could experience a negative backlash from search engines, resulting in your online reputation being tarnished. With extensive knowledge in the digital marketing industry, we’ve identified 5 common SEO mistakes so you can avoid them. 1. RANKING FOR THE WRONG KEYWORDS A significant element of SEO is your keyword strategy. Ultimately, this is the basis of SEO and determines the quality and quantity of traffic to your website.  We often witness websites which are ranking for keywords which are not relevant to their industry or are too generic to be ranked. This is not beneficial for your SEO and will not provide your website with any value.  It’s important to conduct research within your industry and devise a strong keyword strategy which targets your ideal target market. Think about the types of searches your ideal client/customer would make, try to incorporate this into your keywords. Ideally, the longer and more specific your keywords are, the greater your chances will be to rank. If you are a local business, incorporate local phrases or keywords into your strategy. The goal is to rank for keywords which generate the greatest number of searches with the least number of competitors. 2. NOT INCLUDING TITLE TAGS/META DESCRIPTIONS Optimising your website for SEO isn’t just about including your keywords throughout your written content. There are many other factors which influence your rankings and how search engine crawlers filter through relevant information on your pages. You must include relevant title tags and meta descriptions on each of your pages to ensure crawlers can accurately analyse the content on your pages and rank it accordingly. Without title tags and meta descriptions, crawlers are unable to read your content and determine whether or not it is useful for your audience. 3. WRITING POOR QUALITY CONTENT Posting poor quality content to your website can be seriously damaging to your SEO. Content which is considered ‘thin’ meaning it’s too short in word count, poorly written or unoriginal, can impact your search engine rankings.  Google favours content which can provide searchers with value and isn’t just written purely to increase its website’s rankings. If writing blog posts isn’t your forte, you could invest in hiring a copywriter to create content for you on a regular basis. This will ensure your content is of a high standard and meets SEO guidelines. When writing blog posts, aim to have a word count of at least 600 words to ensure your content isn’t too thin. Avoid plagiarism at all costs and write content which is insightful and provides value to avoid being penalised by search engines. 4. NOT OPTIMISING YOUR WEBSITE FOR MOBILE Over half of all search volume results come from smart phones. This means the optimisation of your website on mobile is just as important as it is for desktop. Most of us now tend to search for items or services we need on our mobiles and if your website is not responsive or takes too long to load, you could lose a significant amount of business. Not only is it frustrating for searchers, search engines use mobile responsiveness as a method of ranking as they aim to provide a seamless experience possible for searchers.  Check the responsiveness on your website and click through each page to ensure everything is running efficiently. You can test your mobile speed by using Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool. 5. IGNORING SEARCH ENGINE UPDATES One of the most important things to consider regarding SEO is the frequent updates which are made to search engine algorithms. Algorithms are consistently updated to ensure websites are providing valuable information and adhering to their rules and regulations.  If you are not abiding by these updates, your website could be penalised, and you could lose your top-ranking position. Ensure your website is always updated to reflect new algorithm updates and maintain your positive SEO. SEO is an intricate technique to master and without correct knowledge and implementation, your website could suffer. Ensure to avoid making the common mistakes listed above to maintain your search engine rankings.  Need help with your SEO? Talk to our expert team at DGreat Solutions today.



2020 has turned out to be a year which most of us were certainly not prepared for. No one could have anticipated just how detrimental the COVID-19 pandemic would be for our health our and economy on a global scale. Society as we know it has never endured such an occurrence and our political leaders had to act quickly. Borders were closed off, businesses closed down, millions lost their jobs and the unemployment rate globally has reached new record high. We’ve all faced great challenges, with strict social distancing measures in place, life as we know it, has taken a dramatic turn. In such times of uncertainty, it’s easy to fall into a negative pattern of thinking but the truth is, this isn’t the end of our economy, it’s only the beginning. COVID-19 has taught us many lessons, one crucial lesson especially for aspiring business owners is, you ALWAYS need to plan for the unexpected. Although some businesses have had to close entirely, some are actually doing exceptionally well, most of which are businesses who pivoted their business model very quickly to leverage on COVID-19. A larger percentage of businesses doing well during COVID-19 are those with strong online marketing strategy. The businesses that have excelled have adapted to this change accordingly. This article, however, focuses on those thinking of starting a new business during or as a result of COVID-19. For those taking the plunge in this unprecedented time, we have a few checklists for you below. HAVE A BUSINESS PLAN If you are starting a new business during this pandemic, it’s important to have a well-researched and COVID-19 proof business plan. By creating a structured business plan, you can ensure you cover all areas and are well prepared for emergencies. Ask yourself these questions; What is my overall business objective? Do I need funding? What client/customer base am I targeting? Use the time during lockdown to thoroughly plan your business, map out your objectives and what you really want to achieve. It’s important to create a business that adheres to your strengths and passions. Look at what your competitors are doing and look at what people in similar industries are doing interstate and even overseas. More often than not, there’s always an area you can delve into, which you may not have ever considered. Do your background research and ensure you have all the tools necessary to take your business to the next level. IMPLEMENT A STRONG DIGITAL MARKETING STRATEGY Having a strong digital marketing strategy is one of the key factors, which will contribute to your businesses’ success. The internet has changed the marketing game completely and having an online presence is going to benefit your business greatly. You can grow your online platform, or even run your entire business via social media. It’s ideal for creating brand awareness and generating leads. Social media is an incredibly powerful tool and as 8 out of 10 people are now active users, it’s an area your business must cover. SEO (Seach engine optimization) is also another incredibly effective way to boost your business on Google and improve your website’s searchability/visibility. SEO can boost you to the first page of Google, having an impressive advantage over your competitors. Investing in ads via social media platforms are also going to work effectively for your business as you can really narrow down your target audience and specify how much money you would like to spend daily. It’s important to remember that you need to spend money in order to make money! By building a strong website, investing time into online marketing strategies such as social media and SEO, your business will excel even throughout the COVID-19 period. BE COVID-19 PROOF One of the hardest things about planning or running a business during the COVID-19 period is the fear of the unknown. No business has been able to confirm dates as to when they will re-open or when restrictions will be eased and so this makes it entirely difficult for businesses to book in future clients or communicate to their customers when they will officially reopen. As restrictions are slowly easing, businesses are preparing to return back to usual trading. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean we won’t endure a second wave (we’d like to hope not) or another pandemic of some sort won’t impact our economy in years to come. This is why you must be prepared and take COVID-19 as a learning curve to have an emergency plan in place. It’s important to keep on top of your finances and always have a sufficient savings in the event of a crisis. If you primarily work from an office, put a plan in place so you and your employees are able to work from home if necessary. Most importantly, if you are planning on opening a new business, think of ways you can help your clients have peace of mind as we all recover from this pandemic. So, what has COVID-19 taught us? You always need to plan for the unexpected. There’s a lot of valuable lessons for new business owners to gain from this pandemic. You just never know what tomorrow will bring and you need to be prepared and be willing to alter your strategy to suit whatever pandemic or future crisis might arise. COVID-19 has changed our world drastically. We will forever look back to this moment and think how our world has transformed. Never did we anticipate that such a plague would be able to impact our health and our economy on such a large scale. But through this crisis and all the negativity which it was brought upon us, there is a little glimpse of light at the end of the tunnel. A glimpse into our future and how we can transform the way we do business. Innovation is upon us. Final thought and take away; The future of business is online!

9 digital marketing tips to help your business grow online

9 digital marketing tips to help your business grow online

The internet is constantly evolving and majority of businesses have chosen to offer or promote their products or services online. Having an online platform means you can operate your business from literally anywhere in the world as long as you have a laptop and internet connection. This brings forth a number of benefits for entrepreneurs wanting to start up a business, or existent business owners. By implementing digital marketing, you can watch your business evolve not just locally but globally and reach greater opportunities like never before. Being experts in the field, we’ve selected 10 digital marketing tips to help your business grow online. 1. Plan a good strategy Planning a strategy for your digital marketing is one of the key elements contributing to the success of your business. Think about what your business sells or the services you offer. What do you want to gain by advertising online? Do you want to promote brand awareness? Perhaps you want to have more website traffic? Do you want more followers on Instagram? Create a budget and list your main goals. 2. Invest in a good website No matter what industry you’re in, having a well-constructed website will increase your businesses credibility and lead to more sales. Whether you’re creating the website yourself, or hiring a professional, you must ensure your website is fast, easy to navigate, mobile friendly and optimised for conversion. 3. Get social If your business isn’t on social media already, it needs to be! There’s no denying that social media has become such a major part of our everyday lives. We spend so much time using it and by utilising social media platforms to promote your business, you can reach a much wider audience, expanding your business on a global scale. Many businesses generate a large percentage of their income as a result of social media marketing. 4. SEO Long gone are the days where you would need to pull out the phone book and manually search the A-Z directory to find a service you were looking for! Nowadays people simply do a google search in order to find the solution to their problems. SEO (search engine optimisation), is a process which aims to boost your rankings on search engines, to put you ahead of your industry competitors. SEO is certainly the future of digital marketing. 5. Ads, ads and more ads Creating ads which promote your business via social media platforms, is incredibly powerful. You can create advertisements which target your desired audience based on a number of factors including their location, age or gender to even more specified areas such as shopping habits and hobbies. By consistently using ads, you can create targeted campaigns to ensure you spend your marketing budget wisely. 6. Use influencers to promote your brand Depending on what industry you’re in, you should definitely consider using an influencer to promote your business. Most influencers on Instagram with a large number of followers, will usually accept a free product or service in exchange for a promotion of your product via their page. This leads to great business exposure and often leads to an increase in sales. 7. Start blogging Writing informative pieces relating to your industry is a great way to gain brand exposure and add credibility to your business. By having a blog on your website, this shows your audience that you are experts in your field and will help bring more traffic to your page. 8. Customer service is essential In the same way you would promote good customer service offline, the same goes for your online presence. You must engage with your customers or clients online regularly and assist them with their queries. Having a good online reputation is essential and will be the make or break for clients to choose your business over your competitors. 9. Track your results frequently Tracking your progress on a regular basis is so important for your business. By doing so, you are aware of what strategies worked well along with what didn’t. This will help you prioritise your spending and ensure that you invest your money in areas of digital marketing which are going to benefit your business. The most important thing to take away from this is that by not implementing a good digital marketing strategy, you pose the risk of missing out on some serious potential clients or customers. By following these digital marketing tips, you will stay ahead of your competitors in your industry.

How to Improve Google Ranking: A Guide.

How to Improve Google Ranking: A Guide.

Let me just start by saying there is no one way or a definite technique on how to improve google ranking. Having said that, I would also like to further add that to improve site ranking in google search, you must simply follow Google’s guideline(read further down to find Google guidelines). It is very simple, thought through, and straight forward. What i will be sharing with you today is a pragmatic approach on how to improve website ranking on google. I hope you like it and find it useful for your website and hope it brings you lots of money as it has never stopped bringing me :D. Ok, quickly i’ll like to send a shock wave right straight at you!! You might have researched this fact before or you are simply reading it for the first time. Do you know that 95 percent of organic traffic go straight to the website that seat right on the first position on page one? While other pages fight for the left over 5 percent. Well, i guess that’s good enough reason why you might want to learn how to improve google ranking for your website. Now that i got you all fired up, lets dive right into how to improve website ranking on google. In this priceless guide, i’ll be covering the following topics: Learn Google guidelines Get Rid of Any Existing Penalties Track your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Develop a Mobile-First Strategy Check your Website Health Keep on creating helpful contents Please watch video on how we are helping businesses get result Step #1, Learn Google’s Guidelines – on how to improve organic ranking If you are going to succeed in any field, you must learn about that field. To be successful as a medical practitioner, you must attend and graduate from a medical school, learn and practice what has been thought you, only then you can be successful. The same logic applies to everything else in life. You can not achieve success in any area of endeavour without going through the learning process. I was speaking to a gentle man who is a prominent business advisor in Adelaide, about search engine optimisation specialists and how its been highly proliferated. And to my biggest surprise, he went on for almost half an hour giving me examples of young men and women who have come to him for advice on how to choose an SEO specialist or a reputable SEO company. After having bitter experiences with many, he said most business owners have been burnt!! And then he mentioned some search engine optimisation experts has come to hime looking for clients and advice on how to build their SEO agency businesses without adequate knowledge on the same. So it doesn’t really matter if you’re a business owner or an SEO specialist optimist, bigger or veteran, you always need to learn and improve your google guidelines skills and knowledge. For more information on google guidelines from Google, please click here and get yourself familiarised with it. I generally think no one should attempt SEO, or attempt to improve organic ranking of any type without learning the basic fundamentals of organic ranking as laid out by Google. Every now and then, i have short and long conversation via twitter with John, John is one of google webmaster engineers that can provide you with good answers to any questions you might need an answer for on all things google guidelines. For example, I was trying to get him to tell me how google crawl and index websites. As i’ve picked up over the years that you may submit 50 pages to google for indexing and could be that only 30 out of 50 pages were indexed. So i thought i’d better throw him a quick question and below was his answer. My point for showing this is that you can tap SEO knowledge everywhere, and your best chance of improving your organic ranking is by learning from Google themselves. Also, i believe Google make changes to their algorithms everyday and to prove that to you i have taken this image from Neil Patel’s website where it shows how John also confirm that changes are being made everyday. Step #2, Get Rid of Any Existing Penalties Making sure your website does not violate Google guidelines is the beginning of wisdom on how to improve your organic ranking. And this wisdom is deeply rooted in learning about Google guidelines. To obey is always better than sacrifice and learning first hand on how things work will help you avoid wasting your money and effort on what doesn’t!! Your website would not be penalised in the first place if you had done the right thing. However, its not too late to change things and turn things around for the best. Improving your site ranking in google search simply means you must be free from Google penalties. If your website is under any of the google penalties listed here, then you need a google penalty recovery service moving forward.  There are few google penalties out there, prominent ones are: 01 Penguin Algorithm Penalty 02 Panda Algorithm Penalty 03 Fred Algorithm Penalty 04 Manual Actions For the sake of this article i am not going too deep on each algorithm, however, you can find more information on the link provided above. I’ll only be  touching a few points on how to avoid those penalties and if you are already caught within it, i’ll being helping you getting read of it. Penguin Algorithm Penalty In order to avoid Penguin algorithm penalty by Google, you most certainly first need to understand what this algorithm targets on the website so you don’t do those things. This algorithm date back to April 2012, with one aim only: Website with Bad backlinks. After pageRank was released, everyone went on a high binge on backlink acquisition. This went on for a while as Google was monitoring how webmasters exploit this advantage of having high backlink profile. This period, web