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Advertise on social media | DGreat solutions

Why Should You Advertise on Social Media?

Do you run a business and are struggling to see the point of social media? Is  the hashtagging, emojis and memes flying right past your head? Don’t worry, we are here to explain the importance of advertising on social media platforms and why you should invest in social media advertising RIGHT NOW! 

It’s no secret that advertising on social media can be very beneficial for businesses, it can really grow your audience and a good platform to promote the products and services you provide. However, there are still a lot of businesses out there that aren’t grasping onto this fantastic and low-cost advertising platform. Let us explain why you should ABSOLUTELY get on top of social media ASAP!

Advertise on Social Media

Build Audience

Through social media, you are reaching audiences that your website and other forms of marketing can’t reach. Having your business on social media platforms ensures your business is being seen and is portrayed as active and engaging to your audience. It helps you build authority to your brand and brand recognition and allows potential customers to recall your brand easier. This helps you build a following and get your business out there!

Track Return On Investment

Track Return On Investment

Social Media advertising has a really great system at tracking ROI, it lets you directly track your marketing campaigns and their success. This is great because it can track how your ad is performing and what ads are underperforming, to prioritize, well performing ads to bring better results. It can be seriously difficult to track more traditional forms of marketing and you can spend thousands on advertising that just isn’t working. With social media, you are tracking the outcome 24/7 and always have access to your ROI figures. 

Targeted Advertising

The really great thing about social media advertising is the targeted and specific advertising that can bring in the right traffic to boost that conversion rate. By being able to target your specific audience, whether it be location based or another specific demographic, Social platforms have enough information to source who your target audience is and direct your campaigns there. This ideal hyper-targeting specific users technique, makes sure that your business is reaching the right people to promote growth and sales/leads.

Drive Traffic to your website

Drive Traffic to your website

Social media can provide links directly to your website and drive traffic to “The Hub” of your business. Having more links to your site provides your audience with more access points to find and explore your business, social media provides your business with a very simple and low cost but effective way to increase traffic to your website. This only provides very beneficial for the business. Do not miss the opportunity to provide more pathways and access points to your website. 


Remember every minute you aren’t advertising on social media, your competitors are gaining your customers, your audience and your sales/leads. Every industry is a competitive industry and staying ahead of your competitors can be a challenge, ESPECIALLY if you aren’t advertising on social media platforms.

Better Insight to your customers

Better Insight to your customers

Social Media is fantastic for giving you a platform to really form a connection with your customers and have a better insight into who they really are. Social Media helps you stay engaged with your audience and gives your business a better understanding of who your target audience is. It allows you to engage with their comments and messages, making it a two-way relationship. Through forming a connection with your customers, they are more inclined to feel loyal towards you as a brand.

If you’ve been tossing up whether or not to get your business into Social Media Advertising then I think this is your sign. Our team at DGreat Solutions specialise in Social Media Advertising and Social Media Management and can show you how to get started and seriously grow your audience today! Reach out to us here to find out how we can improve your marketing and build your brand and sales!