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Edward Wendt

Media Design, UI/UX Designer

Edward recently graduated with a Bachelor of Design from UniSA, in Adelaide, South Australia. He enjoys everything creative from film, animation, photography and advertising. Anything that involves visual communication.

Edward loves black and white photography and film. He has a manual 35mm Minolta camera, which he uses to take black and white photos. Developing the film himself through a dark room process, he keeps a personal collection and occasionally does commercial work for clients interested in viewing his portfolio. He enjoys travelling and experiencing different cultures and ways of life. Currently he’s learning how to speak Japanese and Portuguese.

Dami Oyez

Systems Analyst/Digital Marketer & SEO Specialist

Dami holds an Hon. Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Information Technology from the University of Nottingham and he’s currently in his Thesis stage for MSc. in Management of IT. He has over three years’ experience in Systems Analysis and Design with years of experience in Digital Marketing and a very strong background in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In his spare time, Dami enjoys playing the guitar, basketball, swimming, tennis, and doing some good heavy weight lifting. Most of all, he enjoys travelling.

Chloe Simpson

Content Writer & Marketing Strategist

Chloe studied Marketing and Communication at the University of South Australia. She enjoys implementing the latest marketing strategies and finding new opportunities. She loves to write about a range of topics where she’s constantly learning new things and being challenged.

When Chloe isn’t marketing and writing, you’ll find her either at the gym or on a basketball court. She loves sports and tries to live an active lifestyle. In conjunction with this, she loves food! So thankfully, she enjoys going to the gym. She has the biggest sweet tooth and chocolate is her absolute downfall. She is outgoing in nature and loves to have a chat. She lives by the philosophy that you only get back what you give, so she always tries to give out positive energy.

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