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Top 7 Apps for Social Media Content Creation

7 of the best photo/video editing apps to create content for your social media accounts

Today business is highly dominated by social media, it’s one of the best ways for us to promote our business, considering 3.8 billion of us are active users. The quality of the content we share can really impact our level of success, which is why it’s so important to create fresh content which reflects your brand. Like all things in life, consistency is key. Businesses who post daily, perform much better than those who aren’t posting consistently throughout their social media accounts. Yet brainstorming content ideas, editing them post production and even sharing them, can deem to be a difficult task. Most business owners or marketers often have to delve into different professions, learning to be a photographer, video editor and graphic designer, on top of their day to day tasks. With the right apps, the process of creating content can be made much simpler, taking the pressure out of at least one area in your day to day tasks.  Keeping you all in mind, we’ve selected 7 of the best photo/video editing apps to easily create and edit content for your social media accounts. 1. CANVA Canva is a great tool for those with little or no graphic design experience to easily create infographics, logos or anything needed for your social pages. With over 50,000 templates, creating visually appealing content for your socials has never been easier! The great thing about Canva is it actually provides a great range of templates and tools for free. You also have the option to sign up to unlock more features and templates by paying a monthly subscription. 2. INSHOT Inshot is a great photo and video editing tool where you can create video content for your socials. You can format the content accordingly for each social media account and add your own music, effects and voice-overs. Inshot has a wide range of editing tools, to easily create content which looks professional. Inshot subscriptions are affordable at only $4.99 AUD per month. 3. ADOBE SPARK From the creative geniuses at Adobe, comes Adobe Spark. Comprised of 3 separate apps, Spark Page, Spark Video and Spark Post, Spark is one of the easiest of the Adobe programs to create professional content for your social accounts within seconds. With thousands of templates and simple to follow editing tools, Spark is your new best friend when it comes to creating and editing social content. What’s great about Spark is that you can download it on both your desktop your mobile, making it easy to use from the office or when you’re on the go. 4. SNAPSEED Snapseed is a brilliant photo editing tool which allows you to sharpen, crop, tune and straighten your images as well as wide range of other photo adjustment tools. With an impressive feature which allows you to pinpoint a certain area of your image and adjust just that area. This enables you to make ‘photoshop’ like adjustments easily without needing any previous design experience. Snapseed is free and available on both iOS and Android. 5. IMPRESSO Creating engaging content for your social media stories has never been easier with Impresso. Impresso is designed to assist users to easily create unique videos without needing any prior design knowledge. With over 100 templates, you can add both photos and videos, adding music and text, adding animations to grab the attention of your followers. Impresso offers a free 7 day trial and subscriptions are just $9.99 AUD per month. 6. FACETUNE Facetune is recognised globally for being one of the best photo editing apps to correct imperfections or enhance your facial features. A great app for makeup artists, influencers or anyone needing to make a few adjustments to their professional headshots. Facetune is so simple to use yet you can make professional level adjustments to your selfies within seconds! 7. SPLICE Invented with GoPro users in mind, Splice assists its users to turn content shot via your mobiles, GoPro or any recording device, and transform it into a professionally appealing piece of content. Add music, text overlay, filters and much more on both your mobile device or desktop. Splice provides a free 7 day trial, with a weekly subscription fee of $4.49 AUD. Having well-planned content and a visually appealing feed can really make a huge impact in the success of your business. Thankfully with our smartphones we can create all the content for our business, conveniently. We are able to shoot photo and video content, edit post production and share to all accounts at the touch of a button. Regularly posting on various social platforms is a job in itself, but if you have the right apps, you can easily create great content and fast.