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A Search Engine Optimisation content writer is someone who provides who provides writing, usually in the form of short articles, for websites for the purposes of Search Engine Optimisation. Search engine writings help online business rank higher in search results. Optimising your search engine is simply all about getting to the top of search results. As a Search Engine Optimisation writer, you only need the basics of search engine optimisation. Ideally, content writing is one piece of a comprehensive strategy that your client requires from you. What they desire from you is just a write up text. Search results rank better when a writer creates the text used on your website. Normally clients specifically give general ideas and directives to writers such as the number of words on a particular topic, headings, body, keywords etc.

Why Clients Benefit from Search Engine Optimisation Content Writers

Most clients do not write their articles because some are not eloquent writers, some are busy and not everyone knows the secret of optimisation. Thus they outsource their writing task to search engine optimisation content writers. Clients use search engines factors such as density, keyword placement, content length, links, and more to determine who appears higher in the result. These and other factors are the trade secrets of Search Engine optimisation writing. They may seem arcane at first, however, its not too difficult once you get the hang of it.

The Value of Search Engine Optimisation Writers

A search engine writer helps you get online clients ranked higher in search results by means of optimised writing. In today’s fast-paced, time-crunched business world, taking the time to write content is often a task best outsourced.

Points to Note When Hiring a Content Writer

Normally outsourcing content writing serves the purpose. A well-written text should be original, proofread and free from grammatical errors. Thus it’s very important to discuss before hiring a Search Engine Optimisation content writing services from freelance or a company. Below are questions to direct you when hiring the best content writer;

  • Is content a copy-free?

Whether Search Engine Optimisation or normal writing, this matter is of paramount consideration. Copied content stand nowhere. Not only the search engines punish such content, most of the article directories simply reject the submission. It’s easy to track whether the content is original or copied and almost all websites where you plan to submit the content have tool for it. Is it proofread an din flow? The content in form of articles should be proofread. You should check with Search Engine Optimisation writer about it. You can ask whether the company or individual has native proof-readers especially in the case where the article is written by writers who do not have English as their first language.

  • Does article contain keyword-phrase in proper density?

Search Engine Optimisation writing is all about writing articles with proper keyword density and placement. Over stuffing of keywords will be looked as a spam and most of the article directories will reject quoting as an over-optimised content. The content should have proper keyword-phrase placement without compromising the flow of the article.

  • Do all articles contain SEO friendly titles?

Most of the search engines prefer keywords in titles but within a first few words. The article should contain a proper title and the body should follow it. You can also ask the content writer to have the title that makes the reader curious for reading further in the article body.

  • Do you have full ownership?

There are many writers who provide genuine content that is search engine optimisation friendly but then you should assure that the work is not delivered to other clients. In many cases, due to miscommunication, writers give off their articles to multiple buyers retaining their ownership. Clear this matter out before you hire Search Engine Optimisation writer and be sure that the articles you get are not being delivered elsewhere. We typically call it as ghost writing.

How to train your Search Engine Optimisation Writer for Viral Marketing

Online marketing strategies across the planet are putting a lot of emphasis on making the content go viral. So here are some practical tips if you want to train your Search Engine Optimisation writer for viral marketing.

  • Writing research oriented articles.

Most content writers don’t know their target audience or keep in mind the targeted audience when wiring. It’s very important to always explain to your writer what the internet audience thinks. The writer should be able to research on the type of information your audience is looking for. Make sure your writer has a good grip about social behaviour of your audience so that hehe can  devise a strategy on how to develop really friendly articles.

  • Crafting kick-ass headlines.

What always catch the fancy of the audience instantly when Google returns a bunch of results is the headlines of your article. Therefore the headlines of your article decide its destination. Therefore a good title with excellently written headline will determine the number of potential visitors. Your writers might have spent a couple of hours researching and wiring the articles, but without a compelling title, they just fall flat and your audiences will prefer to turn away from your headline as they apparently have nothing substantial to offer.

  • Sharing the articles on social sites.

Even after you subject your writers to the complex intricacies of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), you’re far from done. Unless they know the entire gamut of social media optimisation, your articles are still risking your articles going in the wrong direction. To achieve optimum exposure for your articles, train your writers about how to share them on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ Page, which brings us to our next point – building a social marketing strategy.

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